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Reboot Pack
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All Sales are final. No returns, refunds or adjustments
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1 Phytopúr Shake – Vanilla (20 servings)
1 Phytopúr Smoothie – Berry (20 servings)
1 Phytopúr Super Drink – Greens (20 servings)
1 Phytopúr Soup – Greens (20 servings)
20 servings per product / 80 total servings

All Sales are final. No returns, refunds or adjustments

Your Reboot Pack gives you 4 unique products, covering all of the products you will need to start a Reboot Program - a plant-powered 10-day reset program designed to give you a jumpstart into feeling and looking your very best. With 100% of your meals and snacks being fruits and vegetables, you’ll fall in love with how easy, convenient and beneficial clean eating can be while feeling vibrant and restored the whole way through!

  • Losing weight or creating healthy eating habits—conveniently and safely
  • Breaking the habit of mindless snacking
  • Shifting to a plant-based style of eating
  • Stopping sugar cravings in favor of fresh produce cravings
  • Enjoying nutrient-dense, affordable and delicious meals, snacks and beverages
  • Committing to 10 days of focused eating and drinking for rapid to kickstart your results
  • Your Reboot program is fully adaptable! Here’s our most popular path; you can follow it exactly…. OR customize to best fit your goals and lifestyle.
  • Purchase a Reboot Pack, which includes 10 days of our Reboot program, plus enough Phytopúr products to start your transition into our Weight Loss or Lifestyle programs as a next step. After your 10-Day Reboot, keep going with weight loss by re-ordering a Weight Loss Pack any time, or shift to our Lifestyle program to sustain the weight you lost and amazing way you feel.
  • You’ll enjoy consuming Phytopúr products and fruit/veggie-based snacks or meals every few hours to energize and nourish your mind and body. Included are 4 Phytopúr products which you can mix with water for an easy, on-the-go boost, or blend up with added fruits, veggies and liquids to hydrate and nourish.

  • Disclaimer: Results vary with individual effort and adherence to the program. Consult with your doctor before beginning any nutrition program.

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